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Why Liquid Vitamins?

Over the years, nutritional supplements in pill, tablet and chelate form have been the traditional choice for millions of people. However, scientific study has led many individuals to rethink their supplement choices.

The majority of classically designed supplements in tablet and pill form are poorly absorbed and used by the body due to poor formulation design. It's no secret that graphic evidence of "passed" tablets and pills can be seen in wastewater treatment plants, outdoor portable bathrooms and even on X-rays. Millions of pounds of undigested pills and tablets regularly pose problems for facility operators. Many of these forms of supplements are ineffectively used by the body - containing nutrient designs heavy in poor quality raw materials, excessive fillers and binders and the common use of outer waxy coatings.

In addition, the normal aging process, combined with preservative-laden foods, stress, environmental toxins and health challenges can also compromise the body's ability to breakdown, absorb and use nutrients in even the best designed tablets and pills. That is why many people are turning to Eniva - to find and use leading liquid nutraceutical supplements.

Why LIQUID? Looking to nature, we see the ideal design for nutrient delivery systems - water. Water is the basis for all nutrient delivery systems for all forms of life. In plants, nutrients are consumed from the soil and found within the plant in a water-soluble and compatible state that can be used by both plants and people. When we eat food, it is the body's job to liberate nutrients and further make them available for the body to use through specific body processes. No matter what we put into our bodies, the goal is always the same - to make it soluble/compatible with water.

Working together, Dr. Benjamin Baechler and the Eniva R&D Team have pioneered industry leading breakthroughs in nutrient delivery technology. The result is a superior delivery system for specific nutrients critical to the healthy functioning of the human body.

Eniva Vibe - World's Leading Liquid Nutraceutical Supplement

Eniva VibeVIBE represents a major advancement in the realm of nutrient delivery technology. Not only does it provide critical and essential nutrients and cofactors needed for the body to thrive, it does so in a nutrient delivery system that makes sense - LIQUID. And while VIBE provides outstanding daily nutritional support, it also contains specialized nutrients to address and manage the aging process.

Unlocking the secrets to an ALL-IN-ONE supplement to manage and address the aging process has taken years of intensive scientific study and research. At Eniva, that secret is called VIBE.

Combining multiple and specific anti-aging nutrients, just like adding ingredients to a gourmet meal, requires correct amounts, balanced ratios and the right mixing techniques. If any one component is out of balance, the end result is disappointing. Due to the complexity of producing an all-in-one liquid product, most companies focus either on one primary ingredient and promote the benefits of that ONE ingredient as a total health answer; OR combine very, very small (and ineffective) amounts of many ingredients to make a label "look" good. The end result is a product that delivers very little nutritional benefit.

VIBE combines MULTIPLE SPECIALIZED nutrients in sufficient quantity, proper balance and scientific ratios. Plus, VIBE provides ADDITIONAL beneficial nutrients to address your body's complex needs.

The end result is a premiere ALL-IN-ONE supplement able to address nutritional needs and the aging process. Not only does VIBE deliver all of this, but it comes in a great tasting liquid for easy consumption and better absorption.

No ONE special ingredient or ancient berry answers all your body's complex needs. Just as a song requires more than one note to become a beautiful melody, your body needs to address multiple aspects of the aging process to restore its natural vigor and brilliance.

The ability to successfully address multiple significant factors of the aging process in ONE nutritional supplement is now available -VIBE. While most supplements are only able to address one, maybe even two factors, VIBE provides an ALL-IN-ONE answer for the aging process. VIBE delivers recognized breakthroughs in wellness technology with the addition of specialized nutrients. VIBE is a comprehensive, natural formulation able to provide outstanding nutritional support while providing the best of anti-aging science.

VIBE... Supporting Healthy Bodies, One Cell at a Time.